Create Your Customised Cityscape

Create Your Customised Cityscape

That Will Make Your Town Proud

Map Maker Extraordinaire Julia Gash, can create illustrations, maps and infographics of anything that is relevant to your business, including recipes, animal-scapes and portraits in her naïve and spirited style.  

Building a sustainable and strong selling product range for your business is easy. We have a wide choice of natural tote bags and purses, cool home accessories, amazing art prints and stylish stationery and souvenirs.


Julia’s brings a lifetime business experience to collaborations, ensuring design projects run swiftly and smoothly and artwork is print ready.  She works closely with licensees around the world to ensure consistency of product quality and continuity of brand.  Her name is trade marked across the globe. 

Team Julia Gash at Judge Sampson works closely with you to ensure that your exclusive Cityscape meets your brief and is delivered on time.  Design and production from just 4 weeks. Get in touch to be the one to put your town on the map! Email: