Wonders of The World

At the start of this year I sat down to draw the world!  And here it is …


The design was for a large-scale canvas backdrop for the Julia Gash booth operated by my British licensee Judge Sampson at a series of international trade shows.  At such events, we meet retail buyers from all over the globe who look at products and the work of directional designers such as me and decide what to bring into their stores. 


Buyers flock to the shows from museums, resorts, universities, airport shops, bookstores, independent gift shops and department stores.  It’s how I’ve met most of my retail customers and licensees and managed to grow my brand around the world. Tomorrow I hop over to Paris and to support my colleague at our booth at Maison et Objet trade show as well as meeting my licensees from France and Portugal.


Next week I fly over to Las Vegas where I will be working the booth and hoping to gain a greater foothold on the giftware retail market on the west coast of the States. I then call over to New York where I meet with my colleagues from Judge Sampson again and licensees from North America.

So I will be darting around my world map, just like some of the cute critters that populate the land and sea. My favourite furry friend is the polar bear at the top of the design as he perches precariously on the Arctic. He’s got his winter weight on so it’s only just supporting him! Favourite feathered fellow is the owl that’s just flew past him, no doubt knocking him slightly off balance.  I do also love the cheeky little penguins and seals that live in my Antarctic though.


My favourite sea critter is the octopus that likes off the north coast of Japan. She’s multi-tasking with her tentacles … a very clever girl!  My World map shows industrial activity and cultural pursuits. You will find oil wells in Russia, Alaska and Libya, farming in the Ukraine and wine producing in Australia and France.  Surfers glide up and down the west coast of the Americas whilst people ski down the mountains in Canada. My alter ego, Bill on the Bike, is in England of course, pointing to the south west and with that, my home in Devon :-)