Viva Las Vegas

I've just spent the past 4 days in the equivalent of an airport hanger, showcasing souvenirs, stationery and sustainable accessories, printed with my artwork celebrating America and the wider world.  

Las Vegas Market was the perfect opportunity to launch my new Statescapes and so from deserts of Arizona to the mountains of Minnesota through to the green mountains of Vermont, I have travelled across America with my work.

Collaborating with my British licensee, Judge Sampson, we created a place that celebrated the world in which we live and enable retailers from across America to have their own state, city or neighbourhood loved up too.  I love meeting people from around the world at tradeshows. It's great to find out about their business journeys whether they are retailer or fellow exhibitor such as my friend MH from Paper Russells who's prints of pooches are fabulous!

Exhausting but exhilerating, trade shows are very demanding, particularly when you are managing jet lag too! So I took a trip out to the Mojave Desert today and found the peace and calm I was looking for.  The scenery was breathtaking as was the light, everything made so clear by the clean, dry air of Nevada.

Tomorrow I fly to New York and another show, meeting up with my comprades from Judge Sampson and catching up with fellow exhibitors and buyers from around the world too.

I have a very old illustration of Las Vegas, one of my first and so now that I've sashayed up and down the strip, saw Santana at the Mandalay Bay and stayed at the Stratosphere then I'll just have to do it all over again! :-)