Talent(ed) Spotting in Portugal

It was to be my first holiday in almost two years: a week in Portugal with my beloved.  Having moved home from Yorkshire to Devon, sold a company, raised a kitten and travelled with Talented from show to show, as well as creating about 5 new Cityscapes a week, there wasn’t much time for vacation! 

My long overdue holiday took place in the delightful, little, seaside town of Cascais, a short train journey from Lisbon and south of Sintra.  It was also strategically placed for me to go looking for the Lisbon and Sintra bags and purses that I had designed.  Holiday meant holiday though and so we spent our days perusing around palaces and museums, which also enabled us to avoid the scorching heat, splashing around in the fresh Atlantic sea and enjoying the local cuisine, which for me consisted of an endless supply of sardines, seafood and Portuguese tarts.


I have never seen so many tins of sardines.  Here’s a few gracing a shop window in the Biarra Alto area of Lisbon.  


Climbing the forested mountain at Sintra and spotting my Sintra bag in the Palace shop was a treat.  To get to see the beautiful palaces and ancient castles of Sintra in the flesh was wonderful and I wanted to draw it all over again, now that I could see how the hills and palaces were intertwined. It truly is a magical place, on top of the world!


I met up with our Portuguese distributor: the lovely Ines Mota from Amora by La Maison. Her shop in Lisbon is a delight and represents beautiful French giftware and interior design together with my Lisbon bag range.  I love visiting places which I have drawn, it takes me back to when I drew the design, discovering a town or city through my brush and ink with a lot of help from Google!

Her shop is located in an area of Lisbon, which has become increasingly popular with the French as more and more people migrate to this amazing city from all over the world.  Having sampled Lisbon’s amazing culture and been greeted with warmth by its people I can understand how it is fast becoming a mecca for people in search of a special place to live, work and enjoy life.  Seeing Eric Cantona, a Lisbon resident, in the street was another form of talent spotting!


Ines and I took time to enjoy traditional Portuguese pastries in Belem, which I am sure Eric does from time to time too!