Sustainable Souvenirs for Students with Style

Last week, Talented’s UK Account Manager Daniel Jackson and I headed south to Birmingham for our first ever dedicated university trade show. The NUS (National Union of Students) show is a short and sweet, one day event, during which we met university retail managers and buyers from all corners of England and Wales with speed dating frenzy and excitement.


The Cityscapes that I draw celebrate the culture of a locality and pick out landmarks and natural features that people love and connect with. As students get to know and fall in love with their university home, the Cityscape illustrated products are a great way for them to show this connection and are a cool and contemporary keepsake for when they return back home to family.


When I draw Cityscapes for universities I’ve been struck by some of the amazing historical buildings and modern architecture that form part of their heritage. The creative freedom to design wonderful buildings is evident across campuses and a delight for me to draw!


I also love drawing the little mascots too, together with getting to know some of their Alma Mata. It’s fascinating and humbling at the same time, when you realise that some of the greatest minds that have changed the way the world works have been nurtured through universities that continue to do the same for students of today.


It was great to hear the ideas coming forward from buyers. The energy and enthusiasm they exuded was inspirational. I look forward to creating more university Cityscapes that come out of the university competitions and collaborations with students and creating something that they can feel proud to use and wear in their university city.