Say Hello To Small Business Saturday

Talented is taking part in a worldwide initiative to support small retail businesses: Small Business Saturday.


We are proud to collaborate with many independent retailers around the world, with whom we help to celebrate the local community and culture through the Cityscape illustrated products that we create.  In drawing different neighbourhoods and communities around the world I get to see the beautiful architecture, amazing museums, stunning scenery and wonderful food and drink culture as well as historical landmarks.

It’s great to work with so many retailers who are passionate about their neighbourhood and who are offering as stylish and sustainable product range that celebrates their local community.  It’s amazing how many people respond so positively to this and are grateful to have something that they can show and share with pride.  Whether it’s a tote bag printed with a cool Cityscape your town, swinging from your shoulder or a tea towel that double up as great value wall art, it’s wonderful to be able to shout about your town in style. 

I am incredibly impressed by some of the retailers we work with around the world and here are a few that deserve special praise:


Great Yorkshire Shop in Leeds:

Celebrate all what Leeds and Yorkshire has to offer in our Cityscape of Leeds


Atelier in Bermuda:

Bigging up beautiful Bermuda for tourists and locals alike


Nathan & Co in Oakland California:

Putting Oakland on the map and engaging with his local community on a massive scale from one little store!

So here’s to Small Business Saturday, for bringing special things to small communities around the world!