Pacific Northwest Here I Come!

Last week I drew two states from the Pacific Northwest region of America: Oregon and Washington. This week I booked my flights to the region, such was the pull of the monumental mountains, scattered with lush forests of fir trees and ferns that lead down to glacial waterfalls and deep blue, crater lakes. 

I will actually start my trip in Canada where in Vancouver, British Columbia. I have family and friends. It will be my first time in the city and I look forward to seeing it illuminated for the festive season.

I'm taking the train over the border to Seattle, home to the Space Needle from which I hope I'll get to see the many mountains that surround the city. I love the coastline of Washington, dotted with quaint lighthouses, shining their light over the North Pacific Ocean.  My Statescape of Washington includes lots of state symbols including the willow goldfinch, green darner dragonfly, steelhead trout and the super cute Olympic marmot.

I'm then moving on to Oregon and specifically, Portland where I look forward to seeing my Portland product range at the wonderful Powells Bookshop. 

Time out will include a trip to Multnomah Falls and the foot of the Rocky Mountains. I'm also looking forward to just chilling out in the coffee culture that is originates from this region and spotting some of the State icons including the American beaver and western meadowlark bird that flutters across my State Scape of Oregon.