One Design Leads To Another ...

As part of the sales team at British, heritage souvenir manufacturer: Judge Sampson, I travel to some fascinating places to meet buyers and work with them on new designs.  Recently I was at the National Trust for Scotland’s Culloden Visitor Centre in Inverness, where the Julia Gash Inverness Cityscape has been a big hit in 2019.   We liked it so much, we even put it on the cover of our trade brochure!

As a result, a second design for the fabulous scenery around Glencoe was developed.  This was a very different design brief: rather than iconic city buildings, most of the features were wildlife and natural landscape, so we chose a strong green to emphasise this.

We then came up with the idea for a Scottish Wildlife design.  Julia has created beautiful wildlife designs for places around the world where they have distinctive animals and birds, such as Canada.  We could do the same for Scotland, with the added advantage that this kind of design can be sold in any shop or visitor centre in Scotland, rather than being site-specific.  We have included the much-loved Highland cow, golden eagle, Scottish wildcat,  and red squirrel.  

The success of the Inverness and Glencoe ranges spread throughout the NTS team, which led to another buyer getting in touch with a design commission for Ayrshire.  This shows how a design can cover a much wider area than just one town or city.  A softer, colour palette was chosen by the buyer for a very different look. 

Each new design brief brings fascinating facts and trivia about each area, so I am never short of inspiration for my next holiday...a boat trip around the Scottish islands is on my bucket list!