Nice One New York

Every six months I travel to New York and more specifically, NY Now trade show, where my illustrated and customisable product range is showcased alongside the best that America has to offer from the lifestyle and gift industry.

Collaborating with British souvenir manufacturer: Judge Sampson, we have created a beautiful booth resplendent with examples of my product and which acts as a magnet for the many American and international buyers who come to the show looking for innovative and quality merchandise for their shops. The best bit about the show is that I get to work with Sara – our US Sales Agent. We are a super team and stormed through sale after sale every day, which means lots more design projects for me and more opportunity to discover the diverse and stunning landscape of America!

It’s also fabulous to meet buyers from across the States and here we are with some of our favourite customers: Booktowne with their trio of beach bags celebrating Manasqan, New Jersey …

Bryan Blatt from Hazelnut sporting a colourful printed tote bag of his very own New Orleans

When it’s show time there’s very little down time but I spent last night walking mile after mile through the Big Apple in the freezing cold. It’s exhilarating to be walking down such iconic streets and below some amazing architecture. The ambition, scale and the detail of the 20th Century buildings in the city blow me away and walking through New York in the middle of winter is a cultural highlight of my year. I love to draw skyscrapers – although my skyscrapers of New York tend to be a bit wobbly!

Today I travel onwards to Toronto, snow storm permitting to meet my Canadian licensee and family. It’s a one day pit stop before I head off to Iceland and Germany to do this all over again at Ambiente trade fair … until next time!