New York New York

I've just spent the last two days at a giftware trade show in New York, working with Team Judge Sampson, my British licensee and manufacturer of sustainable souvenirs and stylish stationery from the factory in Hastings, England.


Flying from Las Vegas, over the polar vortex and into New York, I landed on a bitterly cold night.  Fortunately the ice melted and New York thawed into sunshine during my stay. Not that I saw much of it ... most of my time is spent talking to customers and my partners from the United Stated and Canada who represent my work in North America.  Here I am with Carmen and Winnie ... my licensees from Lifestyle Market in Canada.

I did get time to see the Warhol exhibition at the Whitney Art Museum and with that, a fabulous sunset over New Jersey. Can you spot the Statue of Liberty surrounded by a neon orange sky?!  

Andy Warhol is known for his paintings of multiple soup tins or bold, colourful screen prints of celebrities from the silver screen ... I even have one of his screen prints of Marilyn Monroe on my wall in my hall at home! I actually prefer Warhol's hand drawn illustrations however including this beautiful drawing of a cat, which caught my eye.

As I walk around cities I love to see my work selling in shops.  Macy's Arcade has a wide selection of souvenirs printed with my illustration of New York and here they are!

I'm now on my way home and will no hunker down to create lots more artwork that loves up the world.  Next trip is to Texas later this month :-)