New Team Member at Talented!

Job Role: International Account Manager

A bit about You

I grew up in a small village on the North Norfolk coast, which is a beautiful part of the country to live with beautiful beaches and countryside in abundance. I moved to Sheffield in 2010 to study Modern Languages at university. During my degree I spent a year working and living abroad, which I split between Lille in France and Granada in Spain. I would say that this time really sparked my love of travel and immersing myself in different cultures.

I grew really fond of Sheffield during my time at university, so decided to stay here after graduation to pursue my career in international trade. I studied a distance learning course with the Institute of Export and planted my roots in the UK’s greenest city! It’s great now being able to work for Talented and celebrate not only Sheffield but amazing destinations all around the world through their products.

What made you like the sound of Talented? I love travelling and collecting interesting souvenirs from around the world to remind me of different places I’ve visited. I really liked the idea of Talented’s unique cityscapes on high-quality souvenirs.

How has your time at Talented been so far? It’s been a great experience learning about all the different locations around the world where our products are sold. I have been getting to know our customers in Asia and Europe and looking for new opportunities to expand our global presence.

What do you do in your free time? I’m from the countryside so I love getting out of the city and going for long walks. I also volunteer at a local cat rescue centre to care for cats looking for a new home. 

What is currently your favourite tote bag? I have a few favourite cityscapes including Sheffield, Kyoto and California, but right now my favourite tote bag would have to be the ‘Hello Hong Kong’ denim tote. I like that it’s fun and eye-catching.