Meet The Artist at John Lewis

Last week I drove through a sodden South Yorkshire, on flooded country lanes, as most of the main roads were closed due to the effect of one month's rain landing in a day.  I was heading back to my old home of Sheffield to carry out a live Cityscape and Meet The Artist event at John Lewis.

As the rain stopped, customers emerged and came to say hello, including several old friends, which was lovely. During my time in the store I signed lots of art prints for customers and created a live Cityscape of Sheffield, complete with rain clouds hovering overhead!

The Sheffield I drew and remember including iconic landmarks such as the Town Hall, City Hall and the lovely Winter Gardens.  The city's industrial heritage is an essential part of my Sheffield artwork, including the beautiful Cornish Works building on Ball Street, which is where I had my print studio for my fashion brand for 10 years in the 90's.  

The beautiful and bleak landscape of the Peak District is a vital appendage to Sheffield and somewhere that I have escaped to, many a weekend, walking up its many hills and wandering through its beautiful valleys.  My Sheffield is a happy place filled with memories of a unique city built from grit and steel, which I needed lots of as I founded and grew several businesses in the city over the 3 decades I spent there.