Marvellous Southwell Minster

Last week I met up with my sister who was over from Canada and we took a trip to the lovely, little market town of Southwell, which is near to where we grew up. The big thing about Southwell (apart from the fact that it’s where Bramley Apples come from!) is its amazing church aka Southwell Minster.

It is one of the most important ecclesiastical buildings in the world, from both a historic and architectural perspective, but is very much off the beaten track. It’s not located at the beating heart of a big metropolis and so sadly gets missed. But not by me …

I used to cycle to Southwell regularly as a girl and also the Girl Guide Annual Parade was at Southwell Minster so I remember sitting on the pews for what seemed like an eternity in the freezing cold whilst every Girl Guide Unit in the county traipsed in. So it’s big … and beautiful. And I was lucky enough to draw it earlier this year and was delighted to see my product range on sale in their shop.

Having had a personal tour of the Minster I discovered a world of characterful carvings in the stone arches. It is home to a multitude of Green Men, carved out of stone, as well as one chap that looks rather like Donald Trump!

I elected not to include him in my design but opted for two, very fine Green Men. I love how the foliage flows out of his mouth. The intricate carving is so beautiful and as vibrant as it was when it was carved over 800 years ago.

My design of the Minster captures some of its beautiful features and architectural heritage. The Minster is regarded as having some of the finest stone carving from the Medieval period in the world. I’ve also included the charming Golden Eagle Lectern framed either side by a choir boy and choir girl singing Hallelujuah, just like I did when I was a Girl Guide!