Julia Takes the High Road

I love Edinburgh -  a brim full of heritage, a tradition of tartan, wonderful weaves, lovely literature and fantastic food and drink make it a great place to visit as well as draw.  The chance to meet up with some of our stockists and to talk through prospective design projects in iconic cities such as Edinburgh is partly why I love my job. And Auld Reekie didn’t disappoint.

The opportunity to meet face to face with our stockists and see our product merchandised in stores around the city gives me the feedback and insight I need to further develop sustainable and quality product lines. Talking through ideas for designs can often go in surprising directions as you discover more about their business as well as the city’s heritage and culture. Whether it’s euro hangers or bellyband wrappers, ring bound or double stapled, these are all of the decisions that I need to make as a designer of a product range, informed by my customer’s knowledge of their own business.

It’s great to see how they come up with their own merchandising solutions such as this cute tea towel wrapper at Paper Tiger …

And I love the farm kitchen style baskets at Visit Scotland that store Talented’s tea towels and pin badge sets and complement the artisan quality of my work.

Getting to know Edinburgh was a voyage of over and underground discovery. I had no idea that there is a whole city buried beneath the existing Edinburgh that we know and love.  I was charmed by the closes, steep climbs of step after step, linking the hills that Edinburgh is built on. 

Even the dialect is delightful.  In one meeting it took me a few minutes to understand that a request for me to draw a Coo, was actually a Highland Cow and not a cooing dove!

The international character of Edinburgh is great to see within the city, where you hear a babel of languages at every step. The University of Edinburgh likewise draws young people from around the world and is one of the reasons why our product range for the University is so successful.  Here’s my design for University of Edinburgh, celebrating some of their high achievers that have made their mark on history and is one of many People-scapes that I have had the pleasure to draw.