It's Fairtrade Fortnight

The provenance of product is an intrinsic part of its spirit and authenticity. Who’s made it? What materials has it been made with? Where has it come from? These are questions that I believe it’s important to ask about the things we buy and in so doing it enables us to enjoy a deeper connection with it or conversely choose not to buy something.

My artwork gets printed onto souvenirs, stationery, home wares (including the art prints on my website!) and bags in factories all around the world.  I license my artwork to manufacturers worldwide so that they can work locally as well as sourcing from ethically audited factories in other parts of the world that specialise in certain production methods.

The canvas tote bags that carry my trademark red, white and blue handles and are printed with my Cityscape artwork are made in Fair Trade certified factories in India from natural prewashed cotton canvas. This means that people are paid a living wage and are working in safe and comfortable conditions in a developing country, so helping their local communities and economy. The bags themselves are made from a sustainable and robust fabric, which can be laundered, therefore extending its life and purpose.

Here’s me visiting one of the factories we work with in India.

My art prints are made using FSC paper and printed in Britain at a heritage British souvenir manufacturer that’s been established for over 100 years: Judge Sampson. In buying an art print you are therefore helping to uphold British manufacturing jobs and as they’re printed to order … there’s no waste!

Whether it’s food or fashion, fun stuff or fragrance, provenance is becoming an integral part of the decision making when parting with money and as such it’s empowering people to create things of value with respect and dignity around the world.

For more information visit Fairtrade Fortnight 2018