It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas

Although most of my artwork is focussed on describing a specific location in my own, whimsical way, I get to draw places at different times of the year.  I've drawn lots of coastal and holiday destinations, basking in the sun, as well as winter hideaways and resorts, covered in mountain snow, such as this beautiful illustration of Aviemore that I created for Visit Scotland, featuring lots of ardent skiiers and snowboarders!

Across the pond I've drawn several snow capped illustrations of places and one of my favourites was for Whiteface Club and Resort on the shores of Lake Placid. I love the little couple getting cosy by the big, open fire.

Christmas transforms a city and none more than New York, which shines brightly in the Festive Season. My illustration of Christmas in New York, shows people having fun, sledding in Central Park, whilst busy shopping and gathering trees to take home. Santa and his reindeers are also busily going about their work ... Good job Santa!

One of my favourite illustrations is of a location near to where I live on the south coast of England: Hengistbury Head in neighbouring Dorset. When Christmas came to Hengistbury Head, it brought the design alive and I love the little robin, super cute reindeer, as well as the Saxon family, which double up as a handy,nativity scene! Santa and his reindeers also made their way to deepest Dorset! Merry Christmas everyone!