Hello Hong Kong!

Talented took its sustainable and stylish souvenir range to the Hong Kong Gift Show and lucky me got to travel along :)  That said, having to set up a trade show stand after a 12 hour flight with only 1 hour sleep is not the ideal start off.   A combination of heavy duty Thai massage and exhaustion ensured that I was well rested and ready to get the show on the road!


I created a new range of “Hello Hong Kong” bags, printed with puff ink on cute gingham check cotton.  Not to feel left out, “Hello London” and “Bonjour Paris” joined in and were a big hit with buyers around the world.  Such was the success of the line (which was actually designed to use up some left over gingham fabric) that we have now taken the Hello City slogan onto our dark blue denim totes, printed with a cream puff ink!


Whilst I was at the show I created a live Cityscape installation: a compilation of little sketches that captured the names and places from some of the buyers that called by our stand.  It’s great to meet buyers from all over the world: from Bondi Beach to Beijing, Macau to Mexico! 



I stay in a traditional part of Hong Kong Island, which I describe as being where all the dried fish shops are: Sai Ying Pun.  Life is very much on the street and I love food stores and seeing the traditional way of Hong Kong life as well as the up and coming design led retail initiatives such as PMQ in Mid Levels.  I eat at local Chinese cafes, simple food that’s nutritious and cheap so I don’t just get to sell my wares at an international trade show but have a great detox along the way :) This is except for my guilty pleasure: Dan Tart, which I’ve featured on my new Hong Kong Dim Sum design …



Finally, I get to see our Hong Kong giftware range and other Talented bags in some lovely shops, including the new Eslite store in Tie Coo and the Bookazine store at the top of the big outdoor escalator in Central.  Hong Kong is fast becoming a second home to me and is a place that continually inspires me, whether it’s through the vibrant energy that propels the city forward or the traditional culture that reminds you of its glorious past.