Hello Hamburg

After my 24 pitstop in Amsterdam I made my way to Hamburg and the World Travel and Catering Expo where I had been invited as artist in residence at the Clip-on-Board trade show booth.

 My collaboration with Cindy Lam, the Founder and Director of Clip began last year when she asked me to create a series of destination-based designs for airline amenity pouches.  Having the opportunity to create them for specific airlines who were visiting the Clip booth was a great way to discover the world as well as where each airline hailed from.

 Sustainability is a key philosophy of Clip, as it is for my brand, and the amenity pouches that they created have been made from BANANATEX, a registered material created out of the stalk of a banana tree.  Using a food by product is a great way to reduce waste and produce something innovative and stylish.

I worked my way around the world, from Sydney, Australia with Qantas, to Taiwan with EVA, not forgetting about Singapore.  The desert and iconic cities of the Middle East was represented by Doha (Qatar Airways), Dubai (Emirates) and Abu Dhabi (Etihad), where my artwork can also be found on a sustainable tote bag range at the airport.


Moving closer to home, Finnair, SWISS and Edelweiss took care of the mountains and lakes ... with a few reindeer here and there, with Iberia Airlines representing Madrid.  Across the Atlantic, I discovered the home of American Airlines in Dallas and reconnected with my love of cowboy culture, Delta Airlines in Atlanta, Alaskan in … Alaska and Hawaiian in Hawaii of course, and JetBlue in New York.  I thought I had covered the world with WestJet in Calgary and Air Canada however more was to follow, with Astana from Kazakhistan!  All of the artwork incorporated the brand colours of each airline together with the unique cultural heritage and landscape from each location where they are based.


Some of the world’s mountains and lakes, beaches and buildings, flora and fauna have found their way onto the banana skin pouches and given me lots of pleasure along the way. Ciao Clip for now … and hello loving the world through my work!