Helen's Got Her Groove On

My first couple of weeks at Talented have been great. I feel I have been introduced to the company really well and I get along with everyone in the team.

The first week entailed learning the ropes through inductions with each department and in the second week, I was able to work on our stand at the Harrogate Home and Gift show which was great experience.

It allowed me to understand more about the product and become front-facing with the customers, allowing me to understand more about the various requirements and needs.

I come from a buying background previously so this has also enabled me to be aware of the challenges that come with buying and means I can use this experience in my new role in Sales.

Working mostly with the Cityscapes range that we offer, I love the playful illustrations as they create fun representations of the towns and cities.

"It makes the product so unique and celebrates the areas that locals are so proud of"

I also love that they are so personalised towards the place in which they signify as they portray all the little details which resonate in the minds of the locals and tourists. It makes the product so unique and celebrates the areas that locals are so proud of and wouldn’t otherwise be able to rejoice in such a fun way.

My favourite item in the collection is the Large Tote Bag. Personally I love bags as they are such a useful item and with the new carrier bag tax law, more than ever, people are buying great quality shopping bags that have the longevity to stand the test of time.

What better way to do that than to have a bag that is not only functional but brings a smile to the face of the user every time?