Discovering Ontario

I've just spent the past few days in Ontario, Canada, which is where my sister and her family live, as do my two Canadian licensees.  I normally flit in and out of Toronto as I juggle meetings with trade shows and try to squeeze everything in with little time left over to getting to know the surrounding area.  This time it was different and I became a tourist not just in Toronto but discovered areas around the lakeshore and beyond.

Just last week I created a design for the Historical Society & Museum of Niagara on the Lake, celebrating the heritage and architecture of this quaint but important town so it was great to see it in person.  Niagara on the Lake was once in the front line of the Battle of Independence so not surprisingly there's alot of historic millitary activity and architectural heritage on the fringes.  The main street is dominated by an old Clock Tower, which sits right in the middle of the road, with the Old Court House on one side and well preserved Apothecary on the other. 

We went to the Riverdale Street Art Festival where there was also lots of street sound too.  The event took place in the up and coming Queen Street East, near to where the Distillery District and St Lawrence Market is on Dasher's version of Toronto.  

Whilst I was in Toronto, the city was captivated by the National Basketball series (held for the first time outside America) with local team Raptors doing their utmost against their rivals from Oakland, California. Toronto ground to a halt whilst locals cheered on their team ... Go Raptors!

I had planned to go to the Unionville Festival but alas we ran out of time as onwards, upwards and Chicago beckoned. I therefore had to be content with my memories of visiting this cute, Canadian town and Dasher's interpretation of it keeps the memory alive in vibrant aquamarine and plum.