Back To School

It's the last few days of August and parents are busily rushing around getting their little ones prepared for school. New uniforms for growing children, sports kit and must-have stationery is on the school shopping list.

The design I created for Spence School in New York also doubles up as a handy inventory for parents!  The colourful and spirited illustration features the pinafore uniform, ballet pumps and gym slip.  Lacrosse stick, tennis racket, paint brushes and lap top are all essential items at Spence, one of America's most prestigious educational institutions for girls, whose alumni include film stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Elizabeth Montgomery. 

I loved drawing the Salisbury Cathedral School image, with the iconic Cathedral spire that is home to the rare and beautiful peregrine.  Two pupils have a chat in the grounds: "Shall we have a game of hockey or basketball?" he says, "Well I want to sit and read by the duck pond" is her response.  Choristers get ready to do their thing, singing "Hallelujah, looked on by a busy Bishop.

It's not just schools that start back for the Autumn Term. As A Girl Guide Leader we're also getting ready with the autumn programme and preparing for outdoor activities as well as lots of interesting things for the girls to do, including taking part in Parliament Week. It also means that I've had the opportunity to create a design for a backpack for the girls within our unit