An Interview with Daniel, our UK Sales Account Manager!

What is your role at Judge Sampson?

I’m the UK Sales Account Manager, specialising in gift lifestyle and universities.

 How long have you worked with Julia?

Around 2 years. 

What’s your favourite artwork?

Derbyshire Dales, because its where I’m from, and it has my hometown in it, Bakewell.


Best project you’ve worked on?

Tartan Coffee House in Dundee, the first cityscape project I’ve ever worked on and the first design brief I got, the order/customer relationship started small, with just mugs, art prints and notebooks, but they sold really well, and after a few orders we did bags, tea towels, magnets, pens and pouches, I think it’s the best project because even though it started out slow its ended up being really successful, and gradually built into a positive relationship, they’re also really nice customers who are always great to work with. 

 Best trade show memory?

Probably… Top Drawer in 2017, I think it was in September, we got a phone call the night before the show saying that the stand next door cancelled and the space was free if we wanted it, I said yes obviously, we had double the amount of space and a huge section for Julia to do a live cityscape, we had a really positive social media response after the Top Drawer account retweeted us. Overall a fabulous trade show.

What would be in your Cityscape and why?

My Cityscape would probably be Sitges in Spain, there’s a beautiful church on the beach that’s quite unusual, and there aren’t loads of monuments but lots of beach type things that I know Julia loves putting in her prints, I always like the cute animals and people that she has on the beaches so probably some of them as well.

 Favourite Customer?

Dundee or Selfridges, probably because of the repeat orders, which is always great to work with, Selfridges do London, Birmingham and Manchester, they always sell well and are a great repeat order customer, we also get a lot of business and advertising through them.  There shop displays are also fabulous such as the one here with the cute corgi!


What is your favourite product?

The natural tote with striped handles.