An Interview with Christina, our International Sales Manager!

What is your role at Judge Sampson?

I am the international sales manager


How long have you worked with Julia?

About 2 years


What’s your favourite artwork?



What’s been the best project you’ve worked on?

Bermuda, probably because we started so small, with just one shop, but over time we’ve developed a great business relationship and now sell to resorts, zoo’s and national parks.


What’s been your best trade show memory?

Homi in Milano, it gave us some really good opportunities to work on developing our accounts in the region, before Homi we didn’t have that many Italian customers and now we have loads.


What would be in your cityscape, and why?

I would have Milan, and I’d have all the museums and galleries, since Milan is so famous for art, I’d also love having the fashion and design parts, like the Quadrilatero della moda.


What’s your favourite product that you sell?

I love the Landscape Natural Bag with the Capri print, super versatile, you can use it on the beach, going to the shops, or bringing your laptop to work!