Amsterdam Ahoy!

With the realisation that my plane from Exeter to Hamburg changed in Amsterdam I took the opportunity to enjoy a 24 hour pit stop and rediscover a city that I had not visited since I was an art student … over 35 years ago!


My main focus was to indulge myself on the amazing collections of Dutch and international art that is housed within the iconic institutions of the Stedelik, Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum. I visited all three within the 24 hours I spent within the city. I had of course drawn Amsterdam, which is one of my most popular Cityscapes from my website shop, however nothing can prepare you for the unique charm of the waterways and narrow, cobbled streets on a fine, Spring day.


I discovered the city by boat, winding through the canals, learning about the history of Amsterdam. Walking around the city is not so easy … with having to look out for speedy cyclists coming from all directions!


Visiting Amsterdam in April means that I got to experience the city at its best and with the Tulip Festival in full swing, it was both colourful and pretty. Sadly I am not at my best in this environment, with my allergy to tree pollen being fully tested as over 500 cherry tree blossoms were in bloom. Amsterdam has so many cherry blossom trees that it even holds its own Sakura!  So much of my time in Amsterdam was spent looking at its beauty from the sterile environment of an art museum!


So many different varieties of tulips and art were on offer, it’s no wonder that Amsterdam attracts visitors from around the world and remains close to their hearts.