Amazing America

On the 4th of July America celebrated its independence and love of all things American.  Over the last year I have discovered the breadth and beauty of this unique nation, from coast to coast.  

I have started a series of State-scapes, which are gradually appearing on my online art shop.  When I created artwork for Washington and Oregon, I was so lovestruck by the natural landscape and pioneering history that I decided to go visit these states pretty much once the ink was dry!

Heading down to Seattle from Vancouver B.C. I saw Mount Rainier, wandered through the infamous Pike Place Market and visited the monument to Jimi Hendrix.  Crossing the Columbia River by train, I headed through Spokane, the Rockie Mountains and Columbia Plateau where I arrived in Portland, Oregon.

I absolutely loved this peaceful homespun city, overlooked by Mount Hood. A walking tour introduced me to its history of pioneers and entrepreneurs so it's no wonder that I felt at home.  You can see some early settlers making their way across Hell's Canyon, heading towards to safety of Salem and Portland. 

Continue heading east and Minnesota caught my attention but I have yet to visit.  Home to Bob Dylan, Prince, the snowy eagle and some cute critters, the wonderful wild of Minnesota is what interests me however I pay homage to its industrial past and inventions including the infamous spam.

Keep going east and Vermont provides a verdant, forested and mountainous playground for Americans and international tourists. Hiking and skiing, kayaking and sailing are enjoyed by those who love the great outdoors. Famous for cheese, artisan beer and maple syrup, Vermont is a major food producer.  Quaint, covered, wooden bridges are dotted around the state, at the rivers which flow through the valleys at the foot of the state's many mountains.

Let's finish our road trip in Maine, where seafood is sought after. My super size lobster is enjoying himself in the sea and inland a Maine Coon cat looks across over her native state.  A moose wonders what Paul Bunyan is up to, as do I (I am yet to discover what this American icon is all about?!).  Lighthouses dot the coastline, shining their beacons to the sailors and fishermen out at sea.