A Very British Tradition or Two

Much of my time is spent discovering the world through my art however it’s not just about location. I love drawing events and activities too and in June we have two very British traditions that dominate the social calendar, neither of which I’ve been to!

Royal Ascot is the big horse racing day of the year with Queen in attendance with her entourage.  Dasher, my little sister brand, created a bold and bright vision of Royal Ascot in patriotic blue and red. Three horses gallop along at a pace with manes a flowing and jockies clinging to their backs.  The beautiful people don their fancy hats and drink expensive champagne in celebration, commiseration or simply because they need a drink.  A carriage pulls along the Queen and Prince Philip and she waves to her people with grace and dignity. 

She makes a second appearance in the design, looking on at the fun and games, whilst the Royal Ascot Cup, the trophy that all the riders are racing for, sits opposite her in bright red.


The other big event in June is Wimbledon. Again, Dasher does her duty and creates a cute illustration of the men’s final. Both players are evenly matched and giving it their all. The umpire shouts “OUT!” and a keen tennis crowd watch on, waving their union jack flags, gasping with tension and shouting on their tennis heroes.


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