Julia's Partners

Welcome to the world of Julia Gash, where together we can discover and celebrate your unique cultural heritage and local landscape. Create a collection of sustainable and stylish souvenirs with Julia and her partners that enable people to love up their local and take home special memories of a place that is close to their heart. 

If you have a gift shop in Glasgow, an art gallery in Arizona, a museum  in Manchester, a tourist attraction in Toronto, wherever you are in the world, Julia would love to discover and draw it! Email info@juliagash.co.uk

British heritage souvenir manufacturer Judge Sampson, is a key partner of Julia Gash. Both brands are ethically inspired and support a green and clean supply chain.  Julia’s whimsical illustrations are printed onto souvenirs at Judge Sampson's factory in Hastings that use natural materials.

Made to the highest standard and using the best quality materials, Julia's illustrated souvenirs, stationery and tote bags are made to last. Her artwork carries her trademark signature as well as a little man on a bike called Bill. He represents Julia googling her way around the world as she draws her designs. 

Find out more about Judge Sampson at www.judgesampson.com