All Aboard For Ambiente!

People think I lead a glamorous life.  Jetting around the globe, Cityscaping as I go, from one fabulous location to another.  And indeed after packing up NY Now trade show in New York, I headed straight to the airport and onto an overnight flight, landing in Frankfurt the following morning.  There is little glamour however in setting up your stand at a trade-show having had no sleep but plenty of jet lag.  There is also little luxury in spending 10 consecutive days at trade shows in the middle of winter during which I saw about 20 minutes of day light.  But this is what I do, this is my coal face, an itinerant existence, several times a year as I move from continent to continent selling my wares with team members in tow.  And I love it.

It was our first time at Frankfurt’s Ambiente trade show, which gave me the opportunity to practice my schoolgirl German with mixed success.  Much of the interest in our custom Cityscape range came from around the globe however, as buyers converge on one of the biggest and best lifestyle gift trade shows on the circuit.  Therefore a command of English is all that is required with the odd Danke Schon and Bitte thrown in out of respect for our German hosts.

It also gives me the opportunity to work closely with a team member and so it was that Cristina Mocchetti, our International Accounts Manager who hails from Milan, spent several days with me, bringing in business at Ambiente.  As Cristina’s language skills are considerably better than mine, I let her do most of the talking whilst I focused on building our Live Cityscape Wall, featuring little brush and ink sketches of the home towns of the customers and colleagues from around the world who visited our booth at the show. 

Being successful at a trade show relies on getting good rest and being healthy and fit. This went horribly wrong at Frankfurt where some very poor floor tiling in the city centre, which defied the usually impeccably high health and safety standards in Germany, led to a badly sprained ankle and meant that I had to literally hop and hobble around to get from A to B.  Thankfully the First Aid at the exhibition meant that the show could go on for me and I also learnt a new German word: Gebrocken!

Now I am back home I am more appreciative for things we take for granted such as natural daylight.  Spring is around the corner and I am already working on Cityscape designs from orders we took at the trade shows. Some have already hit the shops such is the efficiency of Team Talented!  I love it when a plan comes together with German efficiency, which sadly did not extend to Frankfurt’s flooring J